A Poem: Corners

They say I’ll lose my salvation. They say I’ll hate the church. They say I’ll walk away from the one who truly loved me first. Quite frankly I have a swimming mind and it seems like these people are promoting religious homicide. I just want to be me and be happy and I’m pushed away by their selfish idolatry. If there is absolute truth, then why are you hypocritically choosing what’s best to fit you? I’m tired of the box that we fit life into. I’m tired of the box that we fit God into. I’m tired of me being tired of you. I spend my days in rage because of your cancerous actions. Promotions of self-perpetuating lusts and pride are no greater than swallowing a pill full of cyanide. Look me in my eyes and tell me that you’re not in the box. Look me in my eyes and tell me that we haven’t lost the very passions that we had hoped for. You spit your words like venom only to seek personal gain and give heed to your own personal fame and name.

I’m tired of the two dimensions that we place God in. I’m tired of viewing the plane of existence inside a spectating circumference. How shallow that really is. He has so much more depth than that and your shallow words and shallow actions never prove that. If we sit by and idly wait for change, then we ourselves, we are washed away at sea. How can this be? Your own life screams bigotry! It’s become so easy for me to get walked all over as I turn my cheek only to receive another lash as you yourself choke on the unimaginable joke that you have become. Maybe a broken man isn’t a perfect man but I’ll be damned if I ever lose my character to become a cowardly and selfish man. I’ll be damned down to the pits of hell and locked into an eternal cell only seeking the slumber that I wish I could have, yet I already feel the choke of the flames from your games. Maybe I’ll write another poem to wrench my heart back into place so that I can pick up the pace and scream amazing grace and hope to see a holy face.

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