A Poem: Neighbors

When you look at me, what do you see? Am I Christian, Muslim, LGBT? Do I talk like you and do I share the same carbon footprint? Are we the same or are we different? Is there anything about me that’s offensive? Because of our difference, does that make me less than human?

It seems to me that the church has become a school of modern day Pharisees. A school of people who want to throw stones instead of being inclusive. How can you say you love and not accept the least of these? Do you want the gospel to only be for you and what you believe? Do you really want the people around you to be free? Apparently, being free means “you have to act like me”.

We are not meant to be carbon copies. We are not meant to be clones. Each of us was designed with skin and bones but we are all different. What’s right to you is wrong to me and what’s good is bad and bad is good so at the end of the day, who are we worshipping? Maybe God is bigger than the ways we perceive morality. Modernity has made the Bible a eunuch. It’s taken it’s womb and killed it’s life. It’s prescribed a lens that makes rules the only way to eternity. It hangs heaven over our head as a trophy. I don’t think that’s the way Christ paints it to be. Itching ears read the scripture blindly, and face value reading is that poison that lessens your neighbors equality.

Some have said I’m crazy. Some have slandered my name. Some have said I’ve walked away from the faith. If I still follow Christ, then why don’t you say things to my face? Instead of people talking to me and showing me love, I’ve been told that my views are skewed and I’m going to hell. I’ve been told that my ways are wrong and I shouldn’t be speaking the things I do, but that’s okay. It gives me a story to tell. I am your neighbor and so are the others who you don’t say are “like me”. Your neighbor is not a carbon copy: a modern day Pharisee. Your neighbor is the Samaritan, the one from the different religion. Your neighbor is the refugee from another region. Your neighbor is homeless in need of food and clothes. Your neighbor is the one that looks nothing like you, but whom God says is home. Open your eyes and recognize that we have to drop the stone.

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