Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

Abortion. This word stirs up a lot of feelings in today’s conversations. What does it mean to be pro-life? What does it mean to be pro-choice. Everything you’ve ever thought about these two schools of thought could be wrong. Actually, I think they are.

In America, abortion is legal per regulation by state. Despite what the media says about abortions, each year less women have them. As progressivism rises, it seems that less women have them. The peak year of abortion was 1990. In that year, 1,429,247 abortions were performed. Since then, the amount of abortions have decreased about 50%.

Why are we trying to make something illegal that’s naturally declining? Don’t get me wrong, I’m for life. I love every ounce of life from a flower to a human. All life matters to me, but I can’t help but to see problems on both sides of this argument.

On the pro-life side, I don’t really think that people are pro-life. People on this side seem to just be anti-abortion. Life doesn’t just surround a fetus. If you haven’t realized, millions of people die every day die to murder, suicide, poverty, pollution, drug addiction, alcohol consumption, malnutrition, and so much more. The same people I see screaming pro-life are the ones who are screaming they want the death penalty. I understand that’s not everyone, but it’s hard to see the few when the majority blur the few who really care about life.

If someone is really pro-life, then what are they doing to take care of the planet? What are they doing to raise the quality of life for each individual in the world? Why are so many of the people under this umbrella pointing fingers at women in the most vulnerable time of their life? It doesn’t matter if you agree with them or not. It’s not your life and placing shame and judgment on someone doesn’t help them- it makes their life hell. It seems that these “pro-life” people are pretty hypocritical, and if this makes you angry it’s probably because this post is about you.

I live in South Carolina. I’ve felt the impact of a white supremacist shoot and kill black church members at a bible study, witnessed bills be pushed to make abortion illegal (which pushed me to write this), I’ve seen people praise the death sentence of Dylan Roof, I’ve experienced the power of Black Lives Matter in the Charleston area, and I’ve felt at war with my friends and family because of how chaotic all of this has become.

I’m pro-life. This means I value all life. It means I value the animals, plants, algae, bacteria, fungi, and humans that exist here on this beautiful planet. This means that I value everything. Every life is a life worth having, and that also means that I uphold the life of a woman who wishes to have an abortion. Though having a child is such a beautiful experience and it’s life is amazing, so is the mother’s and it’s not my place to tell someone else what they can and cannot do to their body. It means that it’s my responsibility, in Christian terms, to “speak life” to them as they go through a vulnerable experience. In other words, it’s not my place to tear them down, but it’s my responsibility to love them in my words and actions.

Every day we say things to people that tear them down. Republicans point fingers at Democrats. Conservatives bash liberals. Liberals bash conservatives. Democrats despise Republicans. There has to come a time where we can find a bridge between the two and start pushing towards a better future instead of a divided system. Every day, people ignore the homeless, sick, dying, and mentally ill folks that are all around us. If people really valued life, they would work for the people, not their personal agenda.

On the pro-choice side, I can’t help but to realize that your voice is being muffled by people who want their own agenda to dictate you. I’m sorry that the religious right is imposing hypocritical ideas over you. I’m sorry that people don’t listen to your voice. Pro-choice is a label that more people address themselves as, but I recognize that it’s been hell for you. Life is valuable, and so is yours. I’m tired of hearing fighting. I’m tired of hearing pro-choice and pro-life people fighting. It’s a horrible debate that doesn’t do anyone any good. I will stand by you as we strive for better sex education in schools. I will stand by you as we seek to push equality among men and women. I will stand by you as we seek to give people the freedom to choose what they do with their lives. There are many great things on this side, but you’ve got to stop hating pro-life people.

I can’t help but to realize that the pro-choice people I’ve run into seem to be very vocal about putting up babies for adoption instead of aborting, yet I don’t see the majority of them adopting children. There’s an imbedded hypocrisy that I can’t help but to notice. Right now, the LGBTQ+ community is doing an amazing job with adoption, but the Christian Right is so against the LGBTQ+ community that they are hindering children from being adopted by gay, bi, lesbian, and trans folk. In GA, there is a bill recently went into place allowing adoption organizations to deny adoption because there may be a legal gay couple. It’s quite a paradox. Not only do I know many amazing LGBTQ+ Christians, but that also lowers the chances of a huge percentage of children from ever being adopted.

On the pro-choice side, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you have to face people screaming at you. I’m sorry you’re called a murderer. I’m sorry even though a majority of you have never had abortions, you still get crap for supporting people’s rights. I’m sorry that people say you’re not Christians even though there are pro-choice Christians. I’m sorry for all of the hell that people have put you through.

As a society, we are in the most peaceful time that has ever been recorded. Let’s keep moving forward as each of us strive to support and sustain the lives that are all around us. We may disagree, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t live in harmony. Life is too short and precious for us to spend long Facebook threads attacking each other. Life is too precious to limit people’s abilities. Life is beautiful, messy, and all that we have. Next time you see someone going into an abortion clinic, give them a hug and tell them how valuable they are instead of telling them how disgusted you are with them. Every woman is beautiful, strong, and needs support in a highly emotional time of their life.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

  1. People who claim to be pro-choice on the issue of abortion are using the pro-choice stance as a cop-out to hide the fact that they support abortion on demand. This is an issue where pro-choice is an absurd argument.


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