A Poem: Thisness

I’m here in this present moment. The universe turns and it changes, but I am here. I am still. I sit in the shadow of the light as time passes, but I do not pass. I am here. I am still. As all changes, I realize that as my body is on this ground- we are connected. The ground and I are one. I am here. I am still. I breathe in the air and realize that the air and my body are not separate. The air and I are connected. The air and I are the same. As the air moves into my lungs, and the air moves through my veins- I am here. I am still.

I am sitting here in the shadow breathing, present, and still, but I realize that so are you. You are connected. You are here. You are still. We are here. We are still. We breathe the same air. We are connected to the same ground. We are here in this same universe. You and I seem to be connected. We seem to be one.

Here in this moment as we recognize this all in all that is both in us and around us, we can see the walls, barriers, labels, and constructs fall. There is no separation. As we sit, we are connected. We are all the same. We are in the universe and the universe is within us. Here in this moment, here in this thisness, we are one. We are the same. We are all unified.

Sit. Be still. Be present. Be here. Close your eyes and recognize the all in all that moves and connects this thisness.

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