A Poem: To The Bottom of The Ocean

Life is short, and suffering is inevitable. Life is suffering and suffering is short. For so long I’ve held suffering in the palm of my hand, and for that I now understand.

Life is short and but a small vapor. With a gust of wind it comes and goes. Vapor makes its way back to the bottom of the ocean. The ocean is never separate from the vapor. The ocean is always the ocean.

I am the wave just as you are. We are not separate. The suffering you go through is just as intertwined as mine. We are all seeking freedom of some sorts. We’ll all be free one day, but not until we realize that perfection is already here. Once the sun breaks through the veil, we can see things much more clearly.

There’s a light in me, and there’s a light in you. This is all the same light. The sun shines on the righteous and the wicked. Everyone is the same. Separation is the veil, and the divine light is the sun that tears the veil. There is no separation.

I’ve started to give my anger to Kali to burn in the fires of hell, and I’ve talked with Ram to show me love. I’ve experienced the peace of Krishna, and seen the ego melt with Shiva. I’ve seen the oneness of Christ, and I’ve seen the blessings of Ganesh. They’re all one in the same just as the vapor and the ocean- just as you and I.

I’m convinced that we feed in our own illusions as we shape our own own reality. There’s truth behind the veil, but it takes letting go to finally break through and see that your light is mine.

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