What’s Next for Me?

As I’ve traveled through my own dilemmas of spirituality, I’ve changed a lot. I have navigated through deconstructing my Christian faith, picked up the ashes that I was left in, and reconstructed into something that I honestly wouldn’t have seen two or three years ago. With everything that’s changed in my life and in my belief structure, it puts a question in my mind: “what’s next?”.

This whole project, The Spiritual Dilemma, started as a means for me to try and navigate my own thoughts and feelings. My first ever piece of writing isn’t even on this site. It’s fun to reflect on what I started with: self-analysis. I wrote my first entry on being frustrated that someone in my previous church was getting so much attention for preaching his first sermon and how I felt like I was on the backburner. It started out appearing that I was so self-absorbed, but morphed into a beautiful realization that this person deserves the attention that he is being given. It was written almost like David’s psalms. What appeared to be gloomy was actually something beautiful. It was my first analysis with my ego.

Shortly after writing my first entry, I realized that there are opportunities to help other people with some of the problems that I have faced, information that I have learned about, and having someone to relate to. I began to create content by giving those opportunities and even developed a small online community surrounding it. I found there were people of all walks and all backgrounds who have the same questions and frustrations that I have in one way or another. This led me to realize that I could better utilize my knowledge and resources to help.

Now that I am where I am today, a Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Christian of sorts, I have begun to question what the future of this project is. I enjoy writing articles, blog stories, and poems, but I feel like there is so much more opportunity to help others. There are many other means than just this website, which I plan on being the center grounding for my work. The future is big and so are my visions for it.

As those who have followed my work may know, I have accepted a holy name: Rama Krishna Dass. That name itself is a mantra for me. I am Rama Krishna Dass. I am a loving and devoted servant of God who embraces the inner conflict. As I realize who The Self is, I realize who I really am as Rama Krishna Dass. This helped me to see what my Dharma, or “calling” is more clearly. That’s where the future begins to play out.

From this point forward, I plan on creating more rounded tools and honesty to help others navigate their journey from the multiple religious understandings that I have. A part of that includes meditations. Meditation has been a central part of what has shaped me into who I am today. Recently, I posted on Facebook asking how many of my “friends” meditate. Surprisingly, a lot of people either meditate or are interested in meditation. Not only does this give me some sort of hope, but it also helps me see a clearer picture that there are people who are willing to step out and experience something that will help them.

I’m still trying to figure out if I want to move forward with this, but I’m highly considering creating a YouTube channel to give people access to guided meditations and teachings outside of this website. Outside of just YouTube, I would definitely create meditations, as stated in the paragraph above,  so that I can give people the chance to listen without having to watch a video. The best avenue that I can give for this is duplicating my audio into a Podcast as well. This is a new avenue for me, even though I work for a podcast, but it’s something that I have been highly contemplating to better help each and every person that comes across my work.

The Spiritual Dilemma is still getting started. Through the almost two years that I have been operating this project, I have been dreaming and questioning what is my purpose. I feel like now I am just getting started. I’m very thankful for every person who has come across The Spiritual Dilemma, and I want to give the best work that I can to help better people’s lives. I strive to love and care about everyone, and I want that to translate better in my work.

This leaves me to my last and final plan. I’m going to create a Patreon to get as much support as I can. The time it takes to create content is crucial as well as the tools in order to give the best content possible. With Patreon, I will not only be able to accept monthly financial support from readers and listeners, but I will also be able to create a community to have one on one contact and to connect all Patrons with each other. A community is a critical role to spiritual development, so I want to give this opportunity to help others be able to have that.

There are a lot of goals, but the future is bright. I’m looking forward to growing and expanding this to be a means of love, community, growth, education, and betterment of everyone. Thank you so much for being with me through this process.



Special thanks to Hazel Eyes Photography for the photo.


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