A Poem: My Friends are My Thoughts

Sitting and staring and thinking and sitting,

The Self alines with colors of skylight,

I’m depressed sometimes because people don’t know me,

It’s evident that I’m caught in a rusted goodbye.


In splendor, I talk and with love I reverberate,

I sing to the moon but no one replies,

I sit in silence and remember the past times,

I remember sitting smoking under starry lit skies.


Life’s but a dream and this stream I am rowing,

I can’t help but stare into infinite lines,

Oneness is simply knowing and not knowing,

I’m all alone, but I’m doing just fine.


I learn to let go because nobody listens,

I’m not acceptable to any past life,

Swirling in time stop to a chorus of rainbows,

The weather inside is unfortunately dry.


Maybe one day I’ll find someone with me,

Maybe one day I’ll be doing just fine,

My heart is like taffy all stretch for old friendships,

I always say hello, but there’s not real replies.

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