A Poem: Waves

Here I am, being as an ocean. I am complete in all. I am the birth of life and the destruction of a storm. I am the blue sky and the water that nourishes you. You are in me and I am in you.

There is nothing that can separate. The wind moves with me and the sun makes me shine. I’m often overlooked by a mere vacation instead of a life and divine. I am the moon reflecting the light and radiating upon humanity. It is divinity.

The bottom of it all is absolute. This isn’t minute, so don’t think of it as mute. Waves of consciousness crash among the masses, though most fall into the depths to be eaten by Kali. Even still, each wave is holy in its own way. It’s all waves- neither wrong or right. It is all perfect.

The karma of it all is wrapped within the wheel of yuga. It’s a cycle of endless birth and rebirth. The waves are an eternal connection. We are all but waves in the ocean.

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