A Parable: The Kingdom of Heaven

Wake up and smell the roses. It’s the only thing in life that seems to be wholesome. The gentle moment of seeing a shooting star or the moment of hearing the rain. It all means something quite spectacular. The breeze. The Sun. The Rain. The Clouds. The Snow. The Storms. Everything. All one.

I never saw myself as one to stop and smell the roses. The idea of stopping never made sense to me. I would push myself into social groups to feel wanted and needed. I would seek to find the next best exciting thing; always chasing a thrill. What clothes should I wear? How can I be cool? Does my hair look good? What sort of sex appeal do I have? Am I good looking enough to have a partner? Do people like me? Thoughts rushed into my mind. I was never truly satisfied because I was full of myself. Never once did I stop to truly smell the roses.

It’s weird to me that life goes by so quickly. One day it’s Spring and then the next moment it seems to be Autumn. How crazy is that? There’s never a dull moment either. Every day that we have is full of interesting things that we totally miss. That woman has a flat tire. That man’s dog just died. That person’s mom is undergoing chemo therapy. We never really know what truly is going on, but enough about them. What about us? What about me? My debt is high. I have a car payment. I have all of these bills. I get cussed out at my job. It’s crazy though. Never once did I stop to truly smell the roses.

We all change so quickly. I mean, just four years ago I thought entirely different than I do today. Do you remember what you were like? Did you have different wants, desires, and passions? Were you caught up in a rat race, or were you living your life fully? Do you regret your choices? Maybe you wish you could go back and change things. Sometimes I wish I could. It’s crazy though. Never once did I stop to truly smell the roses.

It wasn’t until I was under a full moon hearing the sound of drums, or driving down the road at midnight with a cigar that I began to realize what it meant to smell the roses. This moment is spiritual. This moment is too much to pass up on. Never once did I stop to smell the roses and I wasted away two decade trying to appease the Gods without realizing that they don’t really need pleasing all along. This breath is all I need. Every moment is a moment to smell the roses. It’s like what Ram Dass says, “What time is it? Now. Where are we? Here. What time is it now? Now. Where are we now? Here.” There is no moment other than this one. Beat your drum. Dance under the full moon. Enjoy your life in this moment as it is with every struggle. Every up and down is grace, because suffering is grace. Don’t be like me and wish that you would have stopped to smell the fucking roses.