A Parable: Waking Up

Get out of bed. Make your coffee. Smell your favorite candle. Feel the breeze outside and the bird’s song. Enjoy this very moment. It’s quite hard to do. Trust me. I try all the time to get this sorted out. For some reason, I’m quite terrible at the small things.

Have you ever been to the beach and enjoyed the moment of it? There’s something quite special about the moments there. It’s so easy to become captivated by each moment as they pass by. There’s splendor and ecstasy; it’s almost like a cosmic orgasm happening.

Sometimes I like to get up in the morning and listen to the birds chirp while surrounded by a warm quilt. My home is clean and organized and I feel free and liberated from restrictions. Even the act of cleaning feels nice.

I once heard someone talk about enlightenment in an interesting way. While he was giving a talk, he was expressing profound and far-out concepts. This woman was eating up every word. After the lecture, he talked with her and asked how she had happened to know so much about the spiritual path. She replied, “I  crochet”. Don’t you see it?

One person bows before the Guru and the other listens to soft music with coffee. All one. All the same. That’s what waking up is like. It’s like touching the feet of someone divine. It’s like a hazelnut coffee on a cold day. It’s like fall candles. It’s like meditation and rituals. It’s like Christ. It’s like Coldplay. All one. All the same. Can’t you see? There’s no separation. You’re already on the path, but all you need to do is wake up.

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