A Parable: Hot Coals

Flames and torment are for those who slip away. This man had no idea what he was getting himself into. I can’t even recall what he did. Quite honestly, I don’t even know if I pushed him to it. There’s just something strange about him, and I need to figure out what it is. The fog must be lifted from my eyes.

A few years ago I had met this man. He was handsome and striking to every degree. He appeared to be a man’s man. Everyone loved him within the first moment of acquaintance. I can’t recall his name, but for the sake of it, let’s call him Madison. Madison was quite mad. People didn’t have the eye to see that. In all my years I had never met anyone like him.

Madison would weasel his way out of situations by diverting conversation with a sly tongue and acting brave and benevolent. He had a way with words that seemed quite intelligent. Maybe he was intelligent. I’m not quite sure, but I remember his tone and demeanor. He was charming.

The reports say that Madison was off one night with someone that he had just met. He went out for a few drinks and then never came back. It was dark that night. The only light I remember was the full moon. Maybe, just maybe, it was a search beacon for him.

I remember reading the morgue report and seeing the cruel actions pinned against him. This woman had tied him up like some prey in a spider web and tormented him. He had bruises around his neck from what appeared to be a belt. His eyes were removed, and half of his teeth were missing. His tongue was ripped out. The most alarming thing that I recall was the burns within his throat. She had made him swallow hot coals. I could smell the burning and hear the sizzling each time I thought about it.

I keep thinking to myself that this is just some made-up story. I keep saying that everything will be okay. I know deep down that everything is okay. The only person who suffered was Madison. The woman was just a bystander. She was just a witness. She was a consequence of what lies can do.

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