A Poem: Gossip Is Poison

The continuous dragging of my name has reoccurred over the past few years and it’s rather exhausting. I can’t imagine speaking on someone without them being able to defend themselves. Imagine leading a life of liberating your fears only to be persecuted behind your back, and that’s why I live with caution.

I’ve learned to never speak peoples names without them being able to defend because it’s quite honestly the most immature thing that I’ve ever seen. Imagine how life would be if we learned to close our mouths as if they were stitched at the seam. Gossip is like a forked tongue because it’s slick like a serpents scales. You’ll keep shedding your skin only to reveal that you’re the same person.

I’ve given countless amounts of grace to only be spit in my face when the cure is simple: communication. Imagine if it had been that simple rather than having so many vacations and stripping me of my sanity. I’m finally free. I’ve been wronged and I’ve been seized, but what’s funny is the only people that will understand any of this are ones who you’ve spoken to while I sit without a name in my mouth to only be redeemed.

The sun shines on the just and the wicked. That’s in writing. It’s a truth that you can find self evident almost as if it was signed and sealed in a moral contract. Imagine what life would be like if it weren’t like that. Every person has a story to tell, and I never get to say my side. I always stride on. Maybe this is why we are supposed to pray for our enemies. Those who have done us wrong deserve more grace? I just hate to hear people’s names let alone see there face so maybe it’d be best if I just move away. There’s honestly nothing left for me anyway. I guess today’s the day that I finally say that I’m done being fucked and then thrown away.

If you made it this far, please don’t be upset. I would have never wanted any harm done by this. It’s always tough when the shoe fits. I’ve got an act for writing things and people being so upset when they have nothing to do with it. It’s funny how poison works. You swallow and then it consumes you until you’re made of it.

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