A Poem: Rejection

There's a pathway that leads to rejection. It's where people think of you with objectification. I can't help but to hope that regret goes away, but I literally break myself to see joy on people's face. I can't help but to see this flame, but it's not what you think. I'm a mess, I'm rejected, … Continue reading A Poem: Rejection

A Poem: Statues

This weapon of war is now a statue. It's a prophecy of something that we can hope for. Bombs drop, people scream, Satan laughs, and everyone is searching for meaning. As war begins, darkness spreads over the world. "It's for God!" No it's not. It's for your own fears and moral constructs. We've gotten rid … Continue reading A Poem: Statues

A Poem: Peace

When I close my eyes and think of peace, I see you radiating it so kindly. Guns. Violence. Slander. Murder. When I think of peace, I think of empathy, and it's something that moves me. Parkland. Great Mills. Vegas. Orlando. When I think of peace, one moment becomes an eternity. Travon Martin. Stephon Clark. Eric … Continue reading A Poem: Peace

A Poem: Simplicity

I miss simplicity. There was a time where I could be me without the expectation of anxiety. I once was a happy person who suffered from shame, but was so ignorant that I was happy with everything that I was. I could use a word like deconstruct or reconstruct to express the transition I've had, … Continue reading A Poem: Simplicity

A Poem: Light

You are a light. There is an eye deep within that examines this light. Sometimes, despite your eye, you cannot see this light. There is a shadow attached to your feet. Sometimes we can meet this shadow and it terrifies us. Stop. Look within. Now look at your shadow. There is not one without the … Continue reading A Poem: Light

A Poem: Chairs

Stacking chairs has become my lament. I can't help but think of all the time that I've spent on something that failed in the end. Chattering words and slick tongues have pushed me away from my dreams, but maybe that's not who I was meant to be. I can't help but to weep from this … Continue reading A Poem: Chairs