A Poem: Chairs

Stacking chairs has become my lament. I can't help but think of all the time that I've spent on something that failed in the end. Chattering words and slick tongues have pushed me away from my dreams, but maybe that's not who I was meant to be. I can't help but to weep from this … Continue reading A Poem: Chairs

A Poem: Heaven on Earth

I've got questions upon questions and my mind is racing with this fixation on the glorious mysteries that await upon death. I'm curious and baffled that life could be so extravagant yet so harmful all at once. Churches preach hell and call forward a drive for heaven but can't manage to treat each other correctly … Continue reading A Poem: Heaven on Earth

A poem: circles

I find myself repeating everything. In and out. In and out. In and out. I'm in and out and lifeless, but I can't give up what I see in this. I get up and have no passion. I get up and can't even see myself. I get up and realized I've lost this and I … Continue reading A poem: circles

A Poem: Neighbors

When you look at me, what do you see? Am I Christian, Muslim, LGBT? Do I talk like you and do I share the same carbon footprint? Are we the same or are we different? Is there anything about me that's offensive? Because of our difference, does that make me less than human? It seems … Continue reading A Poem: Neighbors

A Poem: ?

I've come to believe in a lot of things. Happiness seems to feel farther than it seems. I've realized Spirituality has become a place of acceptance but religiosity has lost its focus. It's evident that things must change, but maybe I'm the one who needs to change. I contemplate thoughts in my head. Am I … Continue reading A Poem: ?